Putnam County Board of Elections
June 23, 2020 Primary Election
Candidate List

Federal Offices


President of the United States

(Vote for One)

Pete Buttigieg

Amy Klobuchar

Joseph R. Biden

Tulsi Gabbard

Bernie Sanders

Michael R. Bloomberg

Tom Steyer

Michael Bennet

Elizabeth Warren

Andrew Yang

Deval Patrick



Delegates to National Convention

18th Congressional District

(Vote for any Six)

Sarah J. McPherson (F) supporting Buttigieg

Jose Morales (M) supporting Buttigieg

Helen E. Vidal-Morales (F) supporting Buttigieg

Nicholas K. Becker (M) supporting Buttigieg

Joan C. Hutcher (F) supporting Buttigieg

Harry Bittker (M) supporting Buttigieg

Randy G. Florke (M) supporting Biden

Maureen A. Fleming (F) supporting Biden

Joseph M. Destefano (M) supporting Biden

Joan A. Becker (F) supporting Biden

Scott H. Reing (M) supporting Biden

Joan M. McDonald (F) supporting Biden

Susan Cockburn (F) supporting Sanders

Brendan Coyne (M) supporting Sanders

Tara D’Andrea (F) supporting Sanders

Logan Gonzalez (M) supporting Sanders

Jocelyn Figueroa (F) supporting Sanders

Thomas N. Moran (M) supporting Sanders

Sandra E. Santana (F) supporting Steyer

Juanita O. Lewis (F) supporting Warren

John C. Bohuniek, II (M) supporting Warren

Cheryl A. Smith (F) supporting Warren

Sparrow H. Tobin (M) supporting Warren

Teresa L. Blancato-Horton (F) supporting Warren

Theodore V. Collins (M) supporting Warren

Veronica Kelly (F) supporting Yang

Franz Constancio (M) supporting Yang

Alicia Tether (F) supporting Yang

Philip Du (M) supporting Yang

Katharine Hess (F) supporting Yang

Tarik Keith (M) supporting Yang


County Offices


County Legislator
Legislative District 3
Kent Election Districts 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
Patterson Election District 6

Vote for One

Toni E. Addonizio
Paul E. Denbaum


County Legislator
Legislative District 8
Carmel Election Districts 5, 11, 13, 17, 18, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30

Vote for One

Dini LoBue
Amy E. Sayegh


Putnam Valley Town Offices


Putnam Valley Town Justice
Putnam Valley Election Districts 1 – 10

Vote for One

Pat A. Longobucco
Terry Raskyn


State Offices


Member of the State Committee 9th Judicial District
Carmel Election Districts 1 – 30
Kent Election Districts 1 – 12
Patterson Election Districts 1 – 8
Philipstown Election Districts 1 – 11
Putnam Valley Election Districts 1 – 10
Southeast Election Districts 1 – 15

Vote for One

Erik G. Carter
Peter M. Bradley