The Putnam County Board of Elections is always looking to hire new Election Workers. All positions are paid and the hours are from 5:00 A.M. until the Chair Election Inspector has fulfilled all the responsibilities in regard to closing the polls, approximately 9:30 P.M.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please call the Putnam County Board of Elections at (845) 808-1300, or contact us by e-mail at BOETRAINING@PUTNAMCOUNTYNY.GOV or click here to submit an Electronic Application.

Please read the following for more information about becoming an Election Worker:

General Qualifications:

  • Must be a registered voter in Putnam County, New York
  • Must be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican Party
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • Must have transportation
  • Must be able to work all day from 5:00 A.M. until 9:30/10:00 P.M.
  • Must attend a training class prior to working each election (Election Workers are paid $25 for each class attended)
  • Must take an annual Election Worker exam

Available Positions:

Privacy Booth Inspector:

  • Required to set up privacy booths in the morning and take them down at the end of the evening
  • Responsible for handing out markers to voters to mark their ballot
  • Must hand out privacy folders to the voters to provide privacy as the voters carry their marked ballots over to the voting machine
  • If requested by the voter, the Privacy Booth Inspector must assist the voter with any questions they have about marking their ballot
  • The pay for this position is $225

Election Inspector:

  • Responsible for setting up their assigned election district’s sign-in table (emptying supply suitcase, organizing supplies on table, hanging up signs, and verifying receipt of correct ballots)
  • Must locate voters’ names in poll books, making sure voters are in their correct election district
  • When necessary, affidavit and emergency ballots must be issued
  • Required to assist the Chair Election Inspector and complete any paperwork
  • The pay for this position is $225

Chair Election Inspector:  

  • Must pick up the inspector supply suitcase the day before the election and return it as well as any ballot suitcases after the close of the polls on Election Day
  • Responsible for overseeing all activities of their assigned election district’s sign-in table and managing the three Election Inspectors and two Privacy Booth Inspectors
  • Required to assist the Voting Machine Inspectors with opening the machine(s) in the morning, closing the machine(s) in the evening and completing any related paperwork
  • Must open the ballot suitcase in the morning, close it at the end of the evening and complete any related paperwork
  • This position is usually reserved for more experienced Election Inspectors
  • The pay for this position is $275

Voting Machine Inspector:

  • Responsible for opening, closing and setting up the voting machine(s) on Election Day and working with the Chair Election Inspector to complete any related paperwork
  • Required to operate the voting machine(s) throughout the day and must also assist any voter with any questions about using the machine
  • Some light troubleshooting may be necessary
  • The pay for this position is $250

Election Coordinator:

  • Responsible for the entire set up of a polling place (this includes placement of the voting machines, privacy booths, sign-in tables, chairs, cones and signs)
  • Must assist the Voting Machine Inspectors with any machine problems that may occur
  • Required to maintain the flow of voter traffic within the polling place by directing voters to their correct election districts
  • This position is reserved for more experienced Election Inspectors
  • The pay for this position is $300

Benefits of Becoming an Election Worker:

  • Learn about how the election process and government works
  • Great way to meet your neighbors and become involved in your community
  • Earn extra money
  • Have fun while you help others